Public Sector Organisations

Much of the same benefits Ergeno offers Private Sector Organisations are also applicable to the Public Sector. We acknowledge that existing call off agreements have served Public Organisations with access to external private sector professionals. Ergeno provides Public Sector Organisations with greater options (faster, cheaper and broader) from sourcing Private Sector expertise plus enhancing interconnectivity between Public Organisations. Ergeno allows supports Public Sector Organisations with  secondment of  their underutilised professionals to Private and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Ergeno offers the following benefits to Public Sector Organisations:

  • Smoothing of workload demand and supporting HR agility


  • Facilitate talent retention of key staff when workload is limited


  • Reduce turnover impacts and costs on your organisation


  • Reduction of employee underutilisation and increase in cash-flow
  • Secondment to Private Sector to raise awareness of public sector requirements, approvals, process compliance and timeframes.


  • Increased employee development and retention through increased certainty of work


  • Open up wider networks and opportunities for greater collaborations and partnerships with Private, Public (including national and international public sector collaborations) and Non-Governmental Organisations


  • Reduces reliance on permanent recruitment and associated heavy recruitment costs


  • Opens more options and provides greater flexibility than individually negotiated call-off or drawdown contracts.
  • Typically more favourable rates for professional candidates than traditionally tendered or contract options


  • Trusted independent support for your talent management strategies


  • Support Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by providing access to NGO and Non-Profit groups requiring skilled professional support.

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