Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the construction industry. We do this by enhancing the utilisation and availability of skilled construction professionals through our independent organisational networks.


More about Ergeno

We are not recruitment agents. The Ergeno Team are established leaders in the construction industry committed to our mission of improving the construction industry.

We have lead and operated businesses across client, consultant and contractor perspectives and managed and delivered projects with values of $50 Billion in capital expenditure. We understand the volatile nature of the industry, the challenges of retaining key staff when workloads are light as well as the costs and risks to your business of trying to quickly augment your professional staff during periods expansion or meeting urgent project demands.

At Ergeno, we believe there is a smarter way to manage the utilisation of skilled professional resources within the construction industry. We achieve this by sourcing first class B2B secondments of construction professionals more effectively and efficiently than traditional methods allow. Our comprehensive independent network of linked organisations allows your dedicated Ergeno Team to meet skilled resource demands by matching with with underutilised skilled resources from other organisations.

Our framework provides a smarter and more flexible way to engage skilled construction professionals.

Register for free to learn more about how we can help your organisation achieve the following benefits through our smart, flexible B2B resourcing solutions:

  • Fast and flexible engagement of qualified, skilled professionals
  • Facilitate talent retention
  • Improve employee utilisation
  • Support business cash flow
  • Reduce turnover costs
  • Protect your business from external market volatility
  • Support your staff’s continued professional development

We genuinely understand the challenges of the construction industry and are eager to help your organisation.

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