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How does it work?

Ergeno is completely independent. We are not your traditional recruiters serving a limited group of organisations or representing a limited pool of contract staff.

We are industry leaders who are committed to improving the construction industry by enhancing the utilisation and availability of skilled construction professionals.

Our unique service model allows us to independently network the extensive construction industry to align opportunities for secondments between organisations. We maintain complete confidentiality of your organisation details which are never shared with any other party.

Since we don’t operate a standard recruitment model, we can offer our completely objective, professional support. Our unique model works on ‘pull processes’ where an organisation in need of short term professional services are matched in complete confidence with potential underutilised skilled professional resources in other compatible organisations.

Full details of our Ergeno services, including FAQs and download files are available on completion of registration. Click below to register for your organisation’s free and private Ergeno Office Portal.


Easy and Efficient professional secondments solutions.

Some of our service benefits

Enhanced Operations

– Improved resource management that balances resource capacity with workload   demand
– Reduce employee underutilisation and improve cash flow
– Improve talent retention and reduce employee turnover
– Flexible, fast and low risk resourcing solutions

Professional Support

– Completely confidential and independent – resourcing requests can be placed in highest confidence
– Only suitable, talented and vetted professional candidate(s) are considered – we don’t waste your time or ‘push’ unsuitable candidates.
– All our services are centred on professional integrity and trust – nothing else is good enough


– Facilitates wider industry networking and collaboration partnerships
– Supports continued professional development of talented professionals
– Supports CSR with NGO and Non-Profit Organisation networks

Simple and Effective B2B solutions for your organisation

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